Spiraling To Go Deeper

At Mozarts and Einsteins Preschool our curriculum spirals.  This means that we use concepts and themes that are engaging to young children and revisit these concepts from year to year.  This allows children to understand the ideas intuitively and at deeper levels as they grow.  With repetition young children notice patterns and make discoveries.  Teachers provide guidance to accelerate children’s creative and independent thinking so they can become inquisitive and active learners who love to learn.

Hands On

All of our classes take a hands-on approach which is balanced between teacher guided and child led activities.  Our lesson plans are broad and diverse so they can be tailored to each age level in order to appropriately challenge every child.   We strive to ignite their curiosity using springboards like the Frog Street Press Sing-and-Read Curriculum, Kinderbach, Music for Little Mozarts and the basics of tap, jazz and ballet.   In our Spanish immersion program, children are spoken to in Spanish throughout the day, which goes beyond their daily Spanish class.


One of the highlights of Mozarts and Einsteins is that children get to transition from classroom to classroom throughout the day. Transitioning works well with a child’s age-appropriate short attention span.  This process keeps them engaged, open and curious throughout the day.  Each class is in a different room that is a stimulating color.* Our teachers are passionate and knowledgeable about the subjects they teach because it is their area of expertise.  The child’s preschool experience is thereby balanced with an array of professionals who collaborate on their behalf.  This will give parents an authentic picture of how their child is doing in school.  Using this approach, our teachers are able to discover patterns in our students’ social, emotional and cognitive development.


We provide comprehensive parent-teacher conferences twice a year and plenty of regular, ongoing support and communication.

*Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age:   “Color in the learning environment provides an unthreatening environment that improves visual processing, reduces stress and challenging brain development through visual stimulation and pattern seeking.”  By WPMU DEV-The WordPress Experts.