New for September 2015!

Come and spend the afternoon at Mozarts and Einsteins – A preschool of integrated arts and academics.
Our afternoon program is designed for families who need more than just afternoon care for their child who attends pre-k or kindergarten. If your child’s school is within walking distance to Mozarts and Einsteins, we will pick him/her up for an afternoon of enrichment and excellent care until 6:30pm. Pick up times can vary. Some of the features of the program are:
1. Highly qualified Teachers and Aides
2. A staff member will walk and pick up your child
3. Afternoon catered lunch
4. Homework help
5. Out-door play
6. Nap (if needed)
7. Classes in Art, Dance, Theater, Science and Creative cooking.

Limited spaces are available. Program will begin September 2015

Call for more information: 732-521-2400.