Melody StevensI was a public school music teacher when I saw a shift in education that deeply saddened me: music and the arts were no longer seen as important, viable parts of the educational experience. From my years of teaching, I knew that combining music and dance with math and reading made students more engaged, curious, and creative. 

I wanted to create an opportunity for children to truly engage and learn by combining the best in music and arts education alongside the best in academic subjects. Mozarts and Einsteins is my version of a performing arts preschool, where children engage with music and arts in a meaningful way from their earliest years. We’ve developed our own proven methodologies as well as licensing the most renowned ideas and materials from educational luminary Bobbie Robertson.

And each day, I watch our little friends singing, playing music, and learning in interactive, truly meaningful ways—an education that will last them their whole lives. This is what was missing in the schools I taught at, and it’s the mission of Mozarts and Einsteins to share this love of music and arts with all children.

Melody Stevens, Founder and CEO